Monday, June 15, 2009

Yellow Breasted MaCaws

Original Oil Painting (Canvas) by Joanne Miller-Petko
24" x 30"
Since I began to draw I have been drawn to nature and wildlife. I have tried to capture animals within their characteristic boundaries and in relationship to their peculiarities of behavior. I work in a variety of mediums, but
my favorite is oil on canvas.
Our world is shrinking rapidly in terms of global resource and habitat, and the quality of the natural environment is in serious peril. Plant and animal species are more threatened by the minute and I hope to participate in widely expressed concerns related to this certainty.

This is why
I commit a portion of all my nature paintings to the protection and preservation of wildlife
flora and fauna.

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  1. Verry Impressive ! from your little brother in Christ Steven. I hope we can fellowship soon.
    I am Very Impressed indeed, you are very tallented and I know a few artists in austin that you may be interested to meet sometime.